“To Write is Already to Choose”

Student media in the Philippines currently face a number of challenges, according to a report from a newspaper in the province of Cebu. Chief among them: administrative censorship and a lack of funding.


One group working for the betterment of student journalists nationwide: the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.  CEGP is an alliance of roughly 750 student publications distributed at more than 500 schools across the country that declares itself “the national center for the advancement of campus press freedom.” Founded in 1931, it is the only student organization of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region.  One of the group’s mottos: “To write is already to choose.”



According to the CEGP head in Cebu: “As a campus journalist and as a writer, we help the masses and expose the ills of society. . . . It is up to the youth to be vigilant and to be critical minded especially in anti-people and anti-student issues.”

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