Daily Kansan’s “Free for All”

An interesting example of new media use engendering reader dialogue: The Daily Kansan‘s “Free for All” feature on Facebook that allows users to comment, complain, philosophize, and shout-out on any individual, subject, or event they wish.  The statements appear on the paper’s Web site and come with the promise that they “might just appear in the next day’s paper.” 


Referred to by students as FFA, the Facebook app has more than 1,200 active users and a backlog of more than 650 pages on the Daily Kansan site.  One Kansas alum’s take: “The FFA has always been a place where one can say rude/stupid/clever/ingenious/racist/sexist/nice/mean things.”  Three recent examples: “Why is it that black people can make fun of white people, but if a white person says anything, it’s racist?”; “I need a fake i.d….and pronto”; and “I hate it when the people next to you leave for the weekend and don’t turn off their alarm. So there you are snuggled up in bed at 7 and you are rudely awakened but the alarm.”


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