Backlash at Cornell over “The Angry Minority”

Critics of The Cornell Review, an independent conservative student newspaper at Cornell University, argued last week that the publication should drop ‘Cornell’ from its name.


The focal point of their concerns, and the related Student Assembly resolution they proposed for the name change: a Review article headlined “What to Expect: The Angry Minority” that described minority students as bitter about the “brutal oppression from ‘whitey'” and only enrolled at the university through affirmative action and minority scholarships.



One Cornellian, the president of the school’s Minority Business Student Association, said: “As a student here at Cornell, I find this article extremely offensive, ignorant and completely inconsistent to Cornell’s values … I can’t believe a Cornell publication has the audacity to write articles full of hate. It’s an embarrassment for our community.  This is not an issue of freedom of speech; this is an issue of respect for Cornell’s brand and for students at Cornell.”


In response, an article in the Review‘s current issue decries the furor as one borne of misinterpretation, noting “Angry Minority” (no longer available for viewing on the Review Web site) and another controversial article in the issue under attack were reprints (and no controversy greeted either in their original runs):


It’s another beautiful autumn in Ithaca, and as the freshman class of 2012 begins its voyage, business as usual continues in this fair city. Frenzied studying, plummeting temperatures, and of course assaults on the conservative minority on campus. Irked by The Cornell Review’s orientation issue, campus leftists have conjured groundless accusations of racism in an attempt to squelch dialogue with ad hominem attacks and falsehoods. . . . Let one thing be made clear from the start – The Cornell Review does not and has never subscribed to racist ideologies. . . . The campus media has taken this opportunity to paint this paper as nasty, intolerant, and a dozen other names. That’s the thing about us Republicans – we are Evil Incarnate, an amalgamation of Hitler, Satan, and Cthulhu; naturally any accusation made against us is true. No need to actually stoop to reading the Review to make sure your paper is factually accurate.

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