“Punished for Doing Our Job”

September 23- UNL administrators are suddenly MIA in the DN. 


In a recent staff editorial, Daily Nebraskan editors wrote that reporters’ requests for various public documents from University of Nebraska-Lincoln officials have prompted a far-reaching administrative silence.  “Let’s just say our administration wasn’t too happy with us asking for documents, and soon some of the most important voices on campus received an e-mail from [the] associate to the chancellor, telling them that [the chancellor] said to not answer any questions or look into any inquiries or requests for documents from journalists working at the Daily Nebraskan. . . . [I]t feels as though we’re being punished for doing our job.  No longer are we allowed to freely interview the reliable, authoritative and informative sources we’re used to in order to bring our readers the most in-depth and unbiased stories we can. “



The editorial also touched upon the administration’s unfair treatment of the DN as compared to the local professional press: “We also do not believe that the administration should be treating the Daily Nebraskan any differently than other publications. The Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha World-Herald would never face this treatment. We know that for a fact. We’ve spoken with people at those papers. They don’t have to go through what we’re going through right now. Even though we’re students, we still deserve the same respect as other journalists who are doing the same job we are. We’re still the working press. . . . All in all, we want administrators to talk to us, not run away. Our ears are always open, and we look forward to the return of their voices in our paper.”

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