Misspelling Oprah’s Name is Minor…

September 19- The Hilltop student newspaper at Howard University in Washington D.C. is back, sporting a new couch and a fresh coat of paint in the newsroom; updated software on the staff computers; and a fresh batch of print editions weighing down newsstands across campus.



The latter is the paper’s principal achievement, coming five months after financial troubles left it unable to afford publication.  The Hilltop, the only daily student newspaper at an historically black college, has long been regarded as one of the nation’s best.  According to a Howard U. administrator: “Since its inception, the Hilltop has been part of something historic in nature.  I think Howard University has served as a beacon of hope for people of color, and so the Hilltop feels a heavy responsibility.”


The loss of its print presence last April was a low point in the newspaper’s nearly 85-year history, according to a recent Washington Post feature.  Its return this fall is a testament to an impassioned  readership (including alumni and faculty who chipped in with donations) and the power of the student press, making style and copy mistakes like a misspelling of Oprah Winfrey’s name in an early issue seem trivial by comparison. 


Kudos to Howard and The Hilltop.

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