The Vanguard Respects The Rearguard

September 18- Kudos to The Vanguard student newspaper at Portland State University for recognizing and respecting its competition. 



In a recent feature, the paper’s opinion editor paid homage to a pair of alternative campus publications, The Rearguard and The Spectator.  “Everyday I find out that more newspapers around the globe are laying off employees,” the editor writes.  “Even the big fish like the Oregonian and The New York Times are doing this, because it is too difficult to fight the fight against the Internet, against citizen journalism and against a world that has come not to trust the media.  I have come to realize that we, as Portland State students, are lucky in the fact that student newspapers are here and willing to create a product for our consumption, even with little pay and little acknowledgement. In a world where newspapers in general have the potential to be obsolete, I find comfort knowing that the PSU media is here for now and hopefully here to stay.”

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