LampLighter + FIRE = Free Speech Victory at UD

September 17- The LampLighter can now be distributed at the University of Delaware without prior approval, thanks to the help of FIRE.


UD has relented on a school policy requiring students distributing published materials on campus to have a permit.  According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, at the start of the month UD administrators stopped students from passing out copies of the self-published LampLighter student newspaper, declaring it unauthorized “solicitation” that was against school rules.


Several LampLighters complained to FIRE.  FIRE sent a letter of concern to the UD president.  And on September 12,  a UD Student Life VP sent an e-mail to students indicating that the censorious policy had been changed.


The response of FIRE President Greg Lukianoff: “The right to freely distribute publications dates to the founding of our nation, when American newspapers and pamphlets encouraged resistance to British tyranny.  For very good reason, then, their distribution is well-protected by the First Amendment. While we are pleased with UD’s policy change, we are disappointed that it took FIRE’s involvement to get UD to recognize this fundamental constitutional right.”

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