“It is Like Something Out of an Authoritarian Government”

September 16- The craziness at Quinnipiac continues.


In a September 7th posting, I outlined the university’s heavy-handed efforts at controlling content in The Quinnipiac Chronicle, the official student newspaper.  Disgruntled staffers courageously started their own indy, The QUAD News, which began publishing this fall to the anger of administrators.  And now administrators are taking that anger out on the school’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, threatening the chapter’s status if it has “any further interaction or endorsements with The QUAD News.


The student and professional journalism community is aghast at the school’s action.  As an editorial declared in The Yale Daily News (which is to be commended for its thorough coverage of the controversy), the “administration’s threat this week against the campus’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists — for its interactions with an independent student newspaper — runs directly (read: despicably) counter to core tenets of liberal education (and, potentially, the law).”


Poynter Institute vice president and senior scholar Roy Peter Clark similarly said: “I have not heard of any case in which a chapter of SPJ was threatened.  It is like something out of an authoritarian government, something I would expect to see in Singapore, not in Connecticut.”

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