Battle at The Inkwell

September 12- The Inkwell has not run dry at Armstrong Atlantic State University but it does have less school support to sustain itself.


According to a recent Connect Savannah report, the student newspaper is suing AASU for cutting the school-supported newspaper’s budget by 21 percent allegedly in retaliation for the paper’s “decidedly more aggressive stance” toward the administration and student government that editors implemented last year.  The lawsuit claims the budget cuts and other administrative pressure has “chilled . . . [the paper’s] expression of First Amendment-protected speech” and made staffers “less likely . . . to express viewpoints critical of AASU or to make independent editorial judgments.”


Four issues of the weekly paper have been published so far this term, with increased ad revenue making up the difference of the budget shortfall.  No comment from either side, as the lawsuit and free press fight continues.


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