Another One Bites the Dust…

September 11- The City Collegian is no more, at least for now.


The student newspaper, which has served Seattle Central Community College since 1962, is currently not being published.  This development is coupled with the school’s decision to cut its journalism program and comes after the resignation of the newspaper’s adviser.  In a letter obtained and reprinted by The Stranger, a Seattle-area weekly, the adviser cites a Publications Board hungry to control newspaper content as a principal motivation for his departure.  He writes: “The board has remained willfully ignorant of the operation of the Collegian, the precepts of student journalism, and student press law.  By [the chair’s] own admission, the board was established with the intent of controlling the student press on this campus, and this mission was dutifully carried out from its first meeting.  Not surprisingly, the board swiftly became a forum for outside agendas and false accusations made against the Collegian.”


In reply, Laura Mansfield, the college’s communications director wrote via e-mail: “First, the paper is not officially on ‘hiatus’.  The Collegian adviser resigned his position on the last day of the spring quarter with no prior notice.  The school’s Publications Board does not meet during the summer quarter (most students and faculty are gone) and so we begin the fall quarter with no adviser. We plan to spend the fall quarter advertising and hiring a new adviser and will have a print Collegian as soon as possible.”



Sadly, the publication is the second community college student newspaper in the area to recently be, at least temporarily, discontinued.  Last year, The Polaris at North Seattle Community College went kaput.  And so the headline of The Stranger story on the Collegian: “Another Student Newspaper Bites the Dust.”  Let’s hope this is not the start of a Seattle trend on par with the early-nineties Grunge scene.

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