Admissions Office to Newspaper: You’ve Been Rejected

September 9: The University Of Dayton has stopped displaying The Flyer News student newspaper in its admissions office out of fears that bad news like a recent front-page story about a campus shooting might turn off prospective students or their parents.


In an impassioned editorial, titled “Stop the Presses,” The Flyer News EIC writes, “In our policy that can be found in the bottom right corner of the opinions page, one can read that our paper ‘works to serve the campus community and offer a forum for opinion.’  To me, it’s more of a mission statement than a policy. We strive to provide the UD campus with relevant news and useful information, and I’ll be damned if someone thinks we should have withheld the shooting story to formulate a false image portraying our university as a fairy-tale campus where nothing ever goes wrong.”


If I was a parent of a child interested in attending the University of Dayton, the shooting would concern me certainly but its attempted whitewashing by the administration would trouble me more.  A note to parents of high school seniors: Keep a school that does not value the student press and an open, honest exchange of information off your child’s shortlist.

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