Stitch, schmooze, and the Alternative Student Press

September 10: Where can you find the future of college media? How about on The Cold Side of the Pillow?


An array of student-run online and print outlets like Pillow are popping up in newsstands and Google searches worldwide, providing more alternatives than ever to that holiest-of-holy standby, the student newspaper. A feature in the current issue of the Northwestern, the aptly-named alumni mag of a certain school in Evanston, Illinois, provides a rundown of 15 alt-newbies at NU alone. Some focus on a specific faith, some on a certain racial or ethnic background, and, in others, “[c]overage runs the gamut, from fashion to politics to literature to feminism.”


Some of their names provide a clue as to their diversity: Stitch, schmooze, NuAsian, The Protest, Voice and Vision Literary Magazine, and Northwestern Business Magazine.


According to retired Northwestern journalism professor Abe Peck: “Publications in some ways mirror how communities see themselves. They give a voice to all the diversity of ideas and culture and opinion that can exist on a campus. If you lined up all the student publications on a table, you’d get a decent cut of who’s at Northwestern today.”


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