We’re Not JUST a Student Newspaper!

September 4: Below is a portion of a spirited editorial in The Daily Egyptian at the University of Southern Illinois Carbondale that fights back against apparent misconceptions held about the paper.



While the piece explains that the newspaper is financially independent and does not provide negative coverage for its own sake, my favorite clarification comes in response to what is labeled: “Misconception No. 4: ‘The Daily Egyptian is just a student newspaper.’”   



The editorial states: “This is half true.  The DE is a student newspaper. We are working on a learning curve. Student journalists work here for a few years at most, hit their peaks, graduate and move on to sunnier pastures and bigger papers.  But the DE is definitely not ‘just’ a student newspaper, at least not to almost everyone who works here. Don’t believe me?  Ask the delivery people for any local restaurant what they see when they bring food to our newsroom (which happens multiple times a night). There are people laughing, fighting, debating, helping each other, doing homework, playing music, watching TV, talking about politics and sports and pop culture, and occasionally sleeping on top of some filing cabinets.  None of us are here because of the paycheck, which hardly covers the cost of all the food we have delivered.  All of us are here because we love what we do, which is bringing the news to you.” 


Well put!

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