Diamondback Scales Back Print Run

September 2: Five hundred fewer copies of The Diamondback student newspaper at the University of Maryland are being printed this semester, a move that the paper’s editor in chief attributes to the “declining advertisement revenues that relentlessly rattle the entire journalism industry.” 



In an editorial published today, EIC Steven Overly writes, “I have had to begrudgingly accept the idea that our print readers will have fewer opportunities to gather the information I consider vital to the campus community.


In this print reduction’s wake, Overly promises a greater emphasis on online and multimedia content and continued improvement of the hard copy paper’s visual appeal.  “[O]ur largest push will be to bolster the portion of The Diamondback that transcends both mediums: our content,” he writes.  “As newspapers nationwide shrink in size, it’s more important than ever that remaining content is insightful and relevant.  Through dogged reporting, we plan to not only uncover the news, but also highlight its impact on your daily life.”

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