Were they really going to call it The Trumpet??!

August 27- Truly, what’s in a name? Would a student newspaper by any name be printed on ink just as sweet?


At Ashworth University in Georgia, the name of choice: The Chronicle. In an online contest, students selected Chronicle as the official moniker for the school’s first student paper set to debut this fall. The other two finalists: Post and Trumpet.


Regardless of the name, the real achievement is the founding of the paper itself, doubly impressive considering it grew from student interest expressed in online forums and will publish at a distance-learning university. As a press release announced, “Initially to be hosted on the University website, content will be peer-to-peer and include program and course reviews, student and faculty profiles, events and student organizations, as well student advocacy.”


Kudos to Ashworth for its efforts and best of luck to The Chronicle. It is already off to a strong start, even if it is in name only. Trumpet just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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