The One U@MQ Doesn’t Want Me to Blog About

August 22: A sex guide presented by the Pope. A photograph of half-naked women in a bathtub with tubas. A description of childbirth as “excruciating.”




These items are only a few examples of what caused an apparently drawn-out fight between the Speculum student newspaper and the controller of their purse-strings, the U@MQ student services organization, at Macquarie University Australia. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, U@MQ wanted more extreme or possibly offensive content to be toned down or labeled as satire. Speculum editors fought the restrictions and at the beginning of the month, resigned in protest. “Many don’t realise that in our former roles as editors of this mystery publication, collecting, editing and laying out articles was only half our job,” the final Speculum editorial noted. “The other half was fighting an endless tug-of-war with our kind benefactors.”


Check out the final issue at, labeled “The issue U@MQ didn’t want you to see.”


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