Keanu Reeves Would Be Pissed

Aug. 19, 2008- The Matrix is not appearing right now at Macon State College in Georgia.



The ban is not on the Keanu Reeves movie (or its crappy sequels). The Matrix is the college’s student newspaper, shut down by administrators eager to create a media advisory board in the wake of tensions between student staffers and the publications coordinator that in May resulted in the resignation of the entire editorial board. In response to the newspaper shutdown, student journalists at the school who still want an avenue for newsy expression launched their own publication, aptly named The Student Free Press, a biweekly indy.


In the “About Us” section on the paper’s Web site, it reads, “Ever since Macon State College stopped printing its newspaper we could not take a passive role. We choose to be active with this issue. We believe in our First Amendment Rights. We believe that MSC students have a right to publish a College newspaper. We are actively seeking and negotiating a solution to our colleges choice to stop publishing. Please be aware and take an active role on issues at Macon State College. Stand up for what you believe. Get involved. Stand up. Speak out. Above all, do something positive.”

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