Journalism Teachers’ Protection Act Becomes Law in Calif.

High school and college educators in California who back student journalists’ free speech rights now have legal backing of their own to call upon when needed.   A new bill signed into law yesterday by the governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, makes it illegal to fire or otherwise discipline a teacher or adviser for supporting a student’s […]

“You Will Forget What Sunlight Looks Like”

A journalism professor lightheartedly warned Texas A&M j-student Nicole Alvarado two years ago about her work on The Battalion student newspaper: “You will spend all your time in the newsroom. I don’t care what you say now-if you keep a job there, you will forget what sunlight looks like.”     In a recent state-of-the-newspaper […]

“To Write is Already to Choose”

Student media in the Philippines currently face a number of challenges, according to a report from a newspaper in the province of Cebu. Chief among them: administrative censorship and a lack of funding.   One group working for the betterment of student journalists nationwide: the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.  CEGP is an alliance […]

Sex in Student Press Spotlight Again: This Time in India

From Kansas to Kerala, India, sex is stirring controversy within the college press.  As CMM previously reported, a Daily Kansan “sex issue” recently earned some naysaying and media rabble-rousing in greater Lawrence.  Now, a student magazine at a college in India is in the spotlight for a cover page deemed overly sexual.     As displayed above, the […]

Daily Kansan’s “Free for All”

An interesting example of new media use engendering reader dialogue: The Daily Kansan‘s “Free for All” feature on Facebook that allows users to comment, complain, philosophize, and shout-out on any individual, subject, or event they wish.  The statements appear on the paper’s Web site and come with the promise that they “might just appear in the next day’s paper.”    […]

Chronicle at Duke “Insulated” From Industry Spiral

A recent feature and separate editorial in The Chronicle at Duke University reaffirmed what The Chronicle of Higher Ed and CMM have previously written: The print versions of student newspapers are NOT in dire straits.   The main feature’s start: “The newspaper you hold in your hand has not changed dramatically since the 1970s. But […]

Student Editors Blog on Debate in Real Time for NY Times

Editors from 19 of the top college newspapers nationwide blogged in real time for The New York Times last night about the first presidential debate.  I’m currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia without TV so I can personally attest their updates (literally from student centers and campus debate parties) were helpful to gain a sense of what […]

Update: Resolution Reached in DN-UNL Dispute

The Associated Press is reporting that a compromise has been reached in the standoff between The Daily Nebraskan and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  As CMM previously posted, the conflict has played out in three parts: The DN formed a new special projects desk this semester.  Staffers on the new desk made requests for university documents that UNL administrators […]

Rider Radio, TV on “Internationalization Plan”

Radio programs in German and Chinese.  A television program “highlighting news, politics, concerts, art and movies” in Spanish.  International is the buzzword in the air (and possibly soon on air) at Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.   Rider professor Hernan Fontanet is building on the success of a Spanish-language program broadcast on university radio […]

Broadcast Journalism Getting a Boost at TCU

Plans are in place for a major renovation and expansion of the building housing the broadcast journalism program within the Schieffer School of Journalism at Texas Christian University.  The two main additions: a converged newsroom and a new television studio.  

Backlash at Cornell over “The Angry Minority”

Critics of The Cornell Review, an independent conservative student newspaper at Cornell University, argued last week that the publication should drop ‘Cornell’ from its name.   The focal point of their concerns, and the related Student Assembly resolution they proposed for the name change: a Review article headlined “What to Expect: The Angry Minority” that described minority students as bitter about […]

Echo Especially Popular or Target of Thieves?

More than 1,300 copies of The Echo student newspaper at the University of Central Arkansas went missing Wednesday.  The publication’s adviser has reported them stolen.   A UCA professor’s take: “When I came in on Wednesday morning at 7:45 the rack was full. I made a mental note to grab a paper on my way to lunch, […]

Frat guys, alcohol, firecrackers, football, journalism ethics

A fraternity event.  Alcohol.  Firecrackers.  A football victory.  It’s a common combustible mix at or near college campuses nationwide that turned especially raucous and then arresting this past weekend at Vanderbilt University.  Specifically, 54 students attending a Sigma Chi international frat event near Vandy’s campus were taken into custody by police early Sunday morning for disorderly conduct and underage drinking. […]

Shout-out from CICM

Many thanks to The Center for Innovation in College Media (CICM) for mentioning CMM in a recent blog post!  Bryan Murley, the center’s director of innovation and a true leader of college media 2.0, wrote:   Dan’s perspective is a bit different from the recently launched College Rag. So far, he’s produced longer-than-average blog posts […]

Sex, Sex, Sex!!!

Got your attention? Campus sex magazines, college newspaper sex columns, and college newspaper “sex issues” continue to fascinate, infuriate, and stimulate student and non-student readers. The latest flap centers on the annual Daily Kansan sex issue, prompting a local TV news report that questions whether it is “student pornography or just students pushing the envelope.” […]